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Thank you for your support during this most amazing year!

Our team thanks you all for your many forms of support during our first year of fulfilling our mission.  We wish you a blessed holiday season and a wonderful 2023!

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The Mission: Our View of Heaven is a farm that provides meaningful employment to people of differing mental and physical abilities, pays a living wage and grows food using environmentally sustainable processes.

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The Why: 

We all love having a place to belong, a place where we can make a meaningful contribution to our community, a job that we love. Neurodiverse individuals are no different. They have the same wants and needs as the rest of us, but may need some help getting there. Thomas taught us how important being a part of life is and got us thinking about how to create a space where his friends could work for a living wage in a caring environment. Because we love gardening it was a natural next step to create a farm opportunity. The details evolved over time to the point that we are now able to open View of Heaven Farm to employees.

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