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  • Victoria Ramos

Partner Spotlight: Spring House Farm

View of Heaven has partnered with Spring House Farm to offer selected produce through its farm store in Hamilton. The farm owns and leases land throughout Loudoun Country and raises pasture and forest-finished pork, grassfed and finished beef, pasture-raised sheep and honey. In addition to our fresh produce, the farm store also sells dairy products, frozen meats as well as treats and gourmet goods.

VoHF also has a family connection to Spring House Farm, one of our employees' parent works for the farm store, thus we happily join efforts to support local farmers and their success. Our refrigerated display has a supply of seasonal greens, radishes, and pinecone bird feeders. In addition, this summer we anticipate that we will have fresh tomatoes, squash, peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and flower and herb bouquets. So if you have not stopped by the farm store, do not delay, grab some cheese or treats, lettuce, chocolate milk, and ice cream.

More news next week, my fresh produce lovers!



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