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  • Allison

Plenty To Be Thankful For

We asked the team what we should write about in today’s blog. The resounding answer: Thanksgiving.

So we did an impromptu Giving of Thanks to our colleagues in the barn before taking a welcome break for the holiday. Here are some of the responses…

Here at View of Heaven Farm, I’m thankful:

“For working here.”

“For my sister and CAST co-workers.”

“For my sisters, friends, and my family.”

“That I have a place to work, where everyone is accepting of everyone’s differences.”

“For getting to work with so many nice people.”

“For baking and working outside.”

“For Kim and Empañada Man.”

“That it’s awesome!”

“For picking peppers and hot peppers, and all the pretty flowers.”

“For baking and the people that I work with.”

We are all very thankful for this special place, our wonderful co-workers, and the true sense of community we have working together. It is indeed a supportive and inclusive environment where we can all contribute toward common goals, learn, grow and encourage each other.

We are also very grateful to you for your support of our work, and wish you and your families all the best for this holiday season.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Allison Schumacher

Farm Manager



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