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  • Allison

Wind, Sun & Water

There’s a change in the air this week. The cooler breezes and very dry weather have the wind whispering through the tree leaves that fall is approaching. Crickets and tree frogs are singing, goldfinch perch atop the fence and flit among the fading sunflowers in hopes of seeds, and the sycamores are already dropping dry leaves that get kicked up and swirl on the dusty road.

We got a drop or two of rain on Friday, but have had to rely on a lot of watering. Thank you to those who have jumped in and helped with watering the vegetable and flower beds.

Despite the lack of rain, the hot sun has not dried out our spirits! The bakery team is full of sunshine in their new View of Heaven Farm UV shirts. Did you know that these wonderful shirts are for sale at the farm market? It is another way for you to support our team’s work, and you’ll benefit from the 50 spf and very lightweight, breathable fabric.

While there doesn’t appear to be much rain on the horizon, we also have our attention turned these days to water of a different kind: the hydroponic growing system that has been installed in the greenhouse.

Did you know that the word hydroponics means “working water?” Our system will allow us to have soilless crop production to expand and extend our growing season. We have big dreams for this winter to offer you fresh produce along the likes of baby kale, arugula, pac choi, Swiss chard, spinach, and a variety of lettuces. We look forward to sharing our progress as we move toward the inaugural greenhouse hydroponic plantings.

Until then, enjoy the breeze, soak up the summer sun and say a little prayer for rain.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Allison Schumacher

Farm Manager

pluviophile: noun

: a person who enjoys rain and rainy days, and who is fascinated by the sights, sounds, etc., of rain.



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