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  • Victoria Ramos

Wonderful Bees and Sustainability

Bees play a critical role in our environment and here at View of Heaven ("VoHF"), we treat our bees and butterflies with much love. We grow flowers that foster their population, the environment and enhance our sustainability goals. For example, our beautiful calendulas produce gorgeous orange flowers, which our bees love to collect orange pollen and feed from their nectar. So if you see our beautiful bees carrying orange sacs of pollen, instead of their typical yellow sacs, or our multicolored butterflies, you will be delighted by a colorful display of nature right here at VoHF. All this beauty is our Creator's work of art and wonderful gift to us and mother nature, right here at our farm. 

Other forms of sustainable farming practices include, our careful use of our dirt, caring for our "good insects" and minimizing the "bad insects" from our crops, when possible, and we never use pesticides in our crops!

In fostering these natural sustainability methods and our ongoing commitment to pesticide-free farming, we truly are here to bring you the best of mother earth to your table. Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes the Dirty Dozen list. These are the 12 fruits and vegetables that retain the highest amount of pesticides, and for which it is recommended that you purchase pesticide free. In 2024, the list was topped by strawberries and included raspberries, grapes, spinach, kale and green beans. We at VoHF are committed to providing pesticide-free produce to keep your food clean and our environment thriving. So next time you eat a strawberry hand pie, our raspberry jam, grape jelly, or eat our spinach, kale, or green beans, rest assured that you are eating clean food, and for which much care and sustainable practices were utilized.

So my VoHF fruit and veggie lovers, no more excuses and commit to purchasing our wonderful and pesticide-free crops every Saturday from 9am-1pm, at our farmers market stand!.  Remember to pick up our baked goodies too, many of which use ingredients from our farm.  We are delighted to see you browse through our colorful bounty, and happy to offer our clean fruits and veggies to you!  

Yours truly, 


Farm Writer (and self professed VoHF Chocolate Chip Cookie Lover!)


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