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  • Victoria Ramos

Spring Planting Beginnings

View of Heaven Farm staff is excited about planting and growing so far this spring of 2024! Here at our farm, we use environmentally sustainable practices and we don’t move our soil and keep our natural bug habitat to maintain the riches of our soil. As for our employees, they reap the benefits of working outdoors and working with dirt.

A study done by the University of Florida says that putting your hands in the dirt releases really good chemicals to your nervous system. Another study of Bristol University and the Univerity College of London discovered that working with dirt can activate brain cells to produce levels of serotonin. So we at VoHF are bringing opportunities to our employees to enhance their physical and mental potential. We have completed the planting of cool season veggies and flowers as well.

The cool season veggies are broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, beets, and kohlrabi. Now that the frost danger is officially over, after Mother’s Day, we will soon have hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash. Also, we have started harvesting strawberries and soon raspberries too. We also are growing potatoes and scallions as well. Our VoHD veggies remind me of a song I listened to when I was really young. The song was on a Kidsongs tape I owned, called “Baby Animal Songs”, the song was called “Yes! We Have No Bananas!” referenced cabbage, scallions, tomatoes, and potatoes, except that the potatoes came from Long Island so they called them To-MAH-toes and Long Island Po-TAHT-toes. So when our veggies are ready, please line up to pick up our delicious crops.

Back to the matter at hand, we have recently planted a lot of flower bouquets so our peonies and lark spurs will be ready for the next six weeks or so. As for our greenhouse, we are turning into an almost 100% lettuce production as our spinach season is ending. We will also have some swiss chard, kale, bok choy, and arugula.

We also have some limited amount of tomato, pepper, and basil plants for our wonderful home grower clients.

So my veggie lover friends, as you can see, we are very busy at VoHF and loving the season. We’re happy to see you on Saturdays in Purcellville (115 E Main Street) and enter your order on our site at

Till next week, my veggie peeps!



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