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  • Allison

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” quickly come to mind when prompted to reply about one’s favorite things. 

In reflecting on the coming end to the year, we asked the team what their favorite moments and products were this year from the farm and bakery:

“Digging sweet potatoes.” Indeed, getting our hands deep down in the soil and using touch to feel our way to finding something sweet and nourishing.

“Telling the Bucket Story.” A favorite shared moment from this summer, one teammate reminded us how we can use kindness toward ourselves and others to “fill our bucket” and nourish our minds and souls.

“Flowers. Cutting them, smelling them, and making them into bouquets.” Need we say more?  Pure joy!

“Picking hot peppers.” Care and attention to detail, and a chance to focus on tiny stems that add so much flavor to whatever you pair them with.

“Shoveling compost.” Moving our bodies and using our strength gives us a way to release energy and be an active part of the growing process.

“Bagging apples.” Wednesday afternoons in fall and winter were filled with giggles as we collaborated to move heavy crates, carefully fill and weigh netted bags, knot and tag and restack apple crates in the cooler. It was a welcome respite from the sun and a favorite thing to do together.

“Growing Swiss chard because it is colorful and tasty.” One of our most colorful greens with lots of quiet personality, just like the team members who carefully tend to it.

“Finding and identifying insects.” A team favorite, where upon finding an insect, we share our knowledge or look it up to learn more about beneficial (and pesky!) bugs on the farm and where they belong (or not) in our ecosystem. The best: delivering a tasty insect to the chickens.

“Making cookies.” There is art going on in the bakery every day, and the opportunity to bake in good company is indeed a favorite thing.

“Toffee Tarts.” Just try eating one of them…you’ll see why they are as wonderful as the team members who bake them.

“White Chocolate Chip Orange Cranberry Nut Cookies.” A new cookie offering this week that is a symphony of taste, with layered notes of delicate flavors.

“Working with all my friends and all their smiles.” We really are a smiling, laughing, hugging, high-fiving, fist-bumping, encouraging lot, full of support for our work and each other.

“I loved being out here and seeing how the farm grows from brown to green.” The continuity of care and stewardship put in by everyone, every week, is wonderful to witness. Watching the beds go from dormant, to the first signs of a germinated seed, to leaves, flowers, pollination and fruit is special and magical to watch.

“Putting things to bed.” Everything in the gardens needs to rest at the end of its growing season, whether that be our team or the dahlias. Winter is a special time when we amend the soil, cover the beds, pull out sensitive tubers and store them someplace warm until the sun warms the soil again in spring.

“All the love.” The team is a very loving family and share their affection for each other, the land, the things we grow and the community we support…that supports us in return.

“Our patrons and benefactors.” We couldn’t do this without your support, donations, encouragement, and volunteer time. You, too, are our favorites!

Thank you all for a fantastic 2023 full of favorite things. Here’s to a wonderful 2024!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Allison Schumacher

Farm Manager

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